CAR CRUSH FETISH - Beautiful girls crush stuff using their powerful and heavy cars - Page 7

Lady B got home early from work today and she had time to waste. She took out the toy cars that she normally crushed with her bare feet or with her high heels and she placed them on the driveway and she crushed them with her car instead of her shoes. She enjoyed how the destruction was immediate and she did it again before she went into the house to watch a movie.

Lady B was bored today as she did not have much to do at home. She chose to try things she had not considered before. She went outside the house and she arranged cans on the road before she got into her car and she crushed them all with it. She tried to place them all in a straight line so that they could all get destroyed and she managed to do it.

Madame Marissa does not like careless people. When she found these toys on the ground, she assumed it was because the owners were careless and that is why they were there. She did not bother to find out the real reason so she crushed and destroyed them using her car. She wanted it to be a lesson to whoever left them there to keep them in a safer and better place next time.

Lady B enjoys crushing stuff with her car. That is what she did today as she tried in vain to crush and stomp on this real fur jacket. She thought it would get destroyed but she was shocked when it was not. She chose to use her car to do what her feet could not. She managed to crush and destroy it when she used her car. In fact, she used two cars to do it.

Madame Marissa has a fetish for crushing things with her car. When she got to work this morning, she could see her boss had parked next to where she normally parks. And she could see her boss's kid's toy on the ground. She did not think twice. She just drove on and crushed it with her car. She made sure her car was on top of it the whole time so that the damage would be significant and if asked, she would act like she did not know.

Lady B had an old television that she wanted to get rid of. She did not know how best to dispose of it other than using her truck to do it. She knew it was strong and she could not use her feet alone. So she ran it over with her truck and broke it before she descended on it with her boots and finished off what the vehicle had started.

Madame Marissa noticed that her slave was beginning to develop some bad manners and she was not amused by it. She chose to punish him so that he did not do any of those things. She degraded the guy using her car by crushing him. She wanted him to know she would not hesitate to do anything, however drastic, to punish him should he mess with her. He never messed with her again.

Lady B was seduced by this guy but she was not interested in him. She wanted to send a message to him so she took a tin he had and she crushed it with her car. It had fruits and they splashed and got crushed. She told him that if he did not stop bothering her, he would suffer the same fate as the crushed fruits. He stopped bothering her.

Madame Marissa was pissed at the way this guy acted in front of her friends. He was a disgrace and he needed to be taught a lesson. So the mistress used her car to crush his fingers. She made him place his hands on the ground and she got into her car and she crushed his fingers using her tires. It was extremely painful and it led him to learn his lesson.

Lady B did not like the kinds of shoes her boyfriend had bought for her. She wanted designer shoes but he went and bought cheap ones. She could immediately tell they were low quality and she used her car to crush them. She arranged them and she used her car to destroy them. She had a great time doing it and knew he would never buy such cheap shoes again.

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