CAR CRUSH FETISH - Beautiful girls crush stuff using their powerful and heavy cars - Page 11

Mistress Angela was mad at her son and daughter and she took their dolls and she used her car to crush them. She knew how much they loved their dolls so she knew they would be hurt by what she did. They cried and begged her not to do it and promised to be good kids. But she did it anyway and told them it was a lesson for them and they would only get new ones if they behaved well.

Lady B does not like RC cars. She likes to crush and destroy them whenever she sees them. This is especially so when they are owned and used by grown men. She does not understand why grown men do it. She found this one near her house and instead of taking it to the owner, she used her car to crush it. It only took a few seconds to destroy it completely.

Mistress Claire wanted to break up with her boyfriend. She did not want to be the one to do it as she knew he would be devastated. Instead, she became cruel to him so that he could break up with her. She figured that would be less devastating to him. So she crushed his hands using her car and she made him break up with her and she got what she wanted.

Mistress Adriana wanted to buy her daughter new dolls. So she took the old ones out and she crushed them with her car. She destroyed them and made sure that nothing was left of them before she got into her car and drove to the store to buy new ones. She wanted to have a little bit of fun and that is why she crushed the toys with her car.

Lady B wanted her boyfriend to buy her new pairs of shoes. So she took her shoes and she crushed them using her car. She waited till he came home and then she showed him the shoes that she had crushed and asked him whether those were the shoes he wanted his girlfriend to be seen in. She made him feel guilty and she got her new pairs of shoes.

Madame Marissa was angry at her friend. She wanted to teach her a lesson so she went and took her friend's favorite pairs of shoes. She used her car to crush them. And she did so in mud. It was raining and she not only made the shoes muddy, but she also crushed and destroyed them using her car. She then took them and gave them back to her friend.

When this mistress caught this loser stealing, she had to punish him in order to make him learn to live a honest life. She took his fingers and his hands, which were what he used often to steal and she crushed them using her car. She wanted him to remember the pain he felt anytime he was tempted to steal and then that would act as a deterrent for him.

Mistress Layla and her friend mistress Jane wanted to crush these toys they found in their compound. They do not generally talk to people and did not know whose they might have been. So they picked them and dropped them on the road and they crushed them using their car as they left for work in the morning. The mistresses did not care to know who they belonged to or who would see them crushing the toys.

Lady B found a camera set and she did not have a use for it as she was not the owner and she was not a professional photographer nor did she aspire to be one. So she crushed the camera using her car when no one was looking. She has a fetish for crushing and destroying things and that is what she did today when she found the camera set.

Madame Marissa loves boots. She has a lot of them both new and old. She wanted to get rid of the old ones so she took them and she went for a drive. She placed them on the ground when she reached a deserted road. She crushed them with her car and enjoyed deforming them and seeing how bad they looked. She then threw them away in the next garbage can she found.

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