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Lady B and her girlfriend had a disagreement. Her friend burnt her dress in anger and when she realized it, she took her friend's shoes and she went outside and she crushed them using her car. She ran them over repeatedly and she held them using the tire and she rotated the tires to crush and destroy them. She made sure they would never be worn again before she took them to her.

Mistress Angela was mad at her son and daughter and she took their dolls and she used her car to crush them. She knew how much they loved their dolls so she knew they would be hurt by what she did. They cried and begged her not to do it and promised to be good kids. But she did it anyway and told them it was a lesson for them and they would only get new ones if they behaved well.

When her slave repeatedly ignored her instructions, this mistress sought to teach him a lesson he would not forget in a hurry. She wanted to make sure that he learned his lesson and would never repeat his mistake. She got in her car after she had made him sit down outside her barn. She then sped towards him and braked just as she touched him. He was not hurt but he was visibly shaken and he learned his lesson.