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Lady B has a lovely car. Besides the BMW being a nice car for both in terms of luxury and performance, she also likes how it is heavy. She likes its weight because it helps her to crush things she cannot crush with her high heels. And that is why she enjoys using her car to crush those things. Today she used her car to crush and destroy a toolbox.

Lady B had not opened a bag in her garage for a long time. When she finally did it, she found a camera inside. She did not know what to do with it as she had newer and better equipment. She chose to crush it and since she had a fetish for crushing things with her car, she took the bag outside and she crushed it with her car and destroyed it.

Lady B enjoys crushing stuff with her car. That is what she did today as she tried in vain to crush and stomp on this real fur jacket. She thought it would get destroyed but she was shocked when it was not. She chose to use her car to do what her feet could not. She managed to crush and destroy it when she used her car. In fact, she used two cars to do it.

Madame Marissa noticed that her slave was beginning to develop some bad manners and she was not amused by it. She chose to punish him so that he did not do any of those things. She degraded the guy using her car by crushing him. She wanted him to know she would not hesitate to do anything, however drastic, to punish him should he mess with her. He never messed with her again.

Madame Marissa had hired this guy to fix her car but he did not do it as well as she wanted him to. She punished him by making him lick her boots especially the soles. He was humiliated and knew he had to fix the issue convincingly if she was to let him off the hook. He tried harder because she had threatened to use her car to crush him.

Madame Marissa knew that she did not have much time left before she went to work. but she wanted to crush the toys of the kids in her neighborhood because they were being a nuisance to her. So she took them and drove a short distance away and she crushed them for fun. The angry mistress destroyed them and knew the kids would not mess with her again after that.

Lady B was tired when she got home. But she needed to crush something and since she was tired, she chose not to do it with her bare feet or with her boots. Instead, she chose to do it with her car, and not only did she do it in minutes, but she also managed to crush it better than she would have had she done it with her bare feet or boots.

When it comes to crushing things, this mistress is great at it. She has a lot of crushing options and she is not afraid to use them. It all depends on what she wants to crush. Today she wanted to crush a teddy bear. She tried to do it with her ass and with her feet but it was useless. She did not make an impact. So she took it outside and she crushed it with her car.

Madame Marissa loves to use her car to crush toy cars. She loves to go to the store and buy them just so that she can crush them. She likes to do it with her car because she is guaranteed of destroying them and she also likes how she can destroy them and leave the mess there instead of having to clean it up if it was in her house because she does not have a slave.

Giantess Lilia wanted to teach her daughter a lesson so she crushed her daughters doll. She did not do it while she saw her, but she took it out without her seeing and she crushed it with her car then she took it back and placed it where it was. It was deformed and it was not the same toy anymore. Her daughter cried and begged for a new one but she told her she would not get another one until she became a good girl.

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