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Lady B was cleaning up her house when she found out that her ex had left his hoodie in her house. She had not seen it before and she was surprised to see it. She did not want anything to do with it as it brought back bad memories. She took it outside and she crushed it with her car as well as with her high heels. It was white but by the time she was done with it, it was tattered and no longer white.

Madame Marissa used her car to crush a croissant and she got her slave to eat it. The mistress did not even hide what she wanted to do to the guy. The mistress did it while he watched and when she had crushed it, she did it again with her boot before she made him eat the pastry from the ground as well as from the soles of her boots.

Lady B was taking a walk when she suddenly noticed that her shoes were growing old. She does not like to wear old shoes as they make her look poor. When she noticed them getting old, she had to destroy and throw them away. So she tried to walk in mud and to kick pavements and hit things on the road to destroy them. When she was done, she went to her car, took out a pair of shoes and threw the old ones. She then crushed her shoes with her car.

Lady B got home early from work today and she had time to waste. She took out the toy cars that she normally crushed with her bare feet or with her high heels and she placed them on the driveway and she crushed them with her car instead of her shoes. She enjoyed how the destruction was immediate and she did it again before she went into the house to watch a movie.

Lady B had an old television that she wanted to get rid of. She did not know how best to dispose of it other than using her truck to do it. She knew it was strong and she could not use her feet alone. So she ran it over with her truck and broke it before she descended on it with her boots and finished off what the vehicle had started.

Lady B was seduced by this guy but she was not interested in him. She wanted to send a message to him so she took a tin he had and she crushed it with her car. It had fruits and they splashed and got crushed. She told him that if he did not stop bothering her, he would suffer the same fate as the crushed fruits. He stopped bothering her.

Madame Marissa had hired this guy to fix her car but he did not do it as well as she wanted him to. She punished him by making him lick her boots especially the soles. He was humiliated and knew he had to fix the issue convincingly if she was to let him off the hook. He tried harder because she had threatened to use her car to crush him.

Lady B has a fetish for crushing things. And that is what she did today. She was bored so she went out and she bought a few toys and cans. She then used her car to crush them as she had had enough of crushing items with her shoes. She loved the experience although the things she crushed were destroyed quicker than when she used her boots. She planned to use her car to crush tougher items.

Lady Cathy hates dolls. When she found one in her house, she immediately knew she was going to destroy it and not just throwing it away. As she got out of the house to throw it away, she chose to crush it using her car instead of her sneakers. She placed it on the driveway and she ran it over with her car and ensured it was deformed and destroyed.

Lady B loves to ride big vehicles. She wanted to do some damage so she went to her farm and she drove the tractor. She drove it on some toys she found there. She had nothing against the toys but she wanted to crush and to destroy something and that is why she did it. The mistress was happy with what she had done and she went away singing happily.

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