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Lady B saw someone drop a bag while she was driving and she ran over it. She stopped her car to inspect the damage caused and she found there was nothing in the bag except a dress. So there was no damage from her car crush. She was pissed to have gotten out of the car for that and she trampled both the bad and the dress with her boots to destroy them.

Mistress Indira could not understand why she had bought these ugly boots. She wore them but so that she could crush them. She tried to destroy them while wearing them by trying to break the heel but they were strong and did not spoil easily. So she placed them on the ground and she used her tires to crush them. She wiggled her tires on them and managed to damage them.

Lady B found out about car crush and she loved it. She crushed anything and everything she could with her car and today she crushed cantaloupes with her car. She had never done it before and she wanted to do it just for the sake of it. She placed them on the ground, got in her car and ran her tires over them. She loved how they were crushed in a second.

Lady B caught her boyfriend with incriminating toys in his camera and she was pissed. She was so angry that she chose to destroy the camera. Lady B used her car to crush it because she wanted to do it as quickly as possible. The angry mistress placed it on the floor and she crushed it with her car and within a couple of minutes, she had destroyed it completely.

Lady B loves to crush and she does it all the time. That is what she did today when she found out that some toys had been left outside her house. She used her car to crush them and she destroyed them completely. She wanted it to be a lesson to those who had left the toys there. She knew they would not do it again after what she had done.

Lady B had outgrown her high heels. So she threw them out of her car today. But that was not all. She felt she needed to crush them a little bit so she kicked them using her wooden clogs. But she still felt that was not enough so she went a little further and she used her car to crush them and destroy them. And with her car, she managed to destroy them completely.

This mistress loves to do damage with her boots. She loves to crush anything she can find and she tried today but she was a bit tired so she instead using her car to do the crushing that her boots usually did. She did not have any specific thing to crush today so she tried to crush gravel and mud for a change and when she did not make an impact, she used her car.

Lady B had gone for a drive when she saw someone had left a doll near her car. She did not have any use for it and she walked to where it was and she crushed it with her high heels. But since it did not get completely destroyed, she did it with her car. She crushed it with her tires and she made sure it was completely flattened before she left.

Lady B has a lovely car. Besides the BMW being a nice car for both in terms of luxury and performance, she also likes how it is heavy. She likes its weight because it helps her to crush things she cannot crush with her high heels. And that is why she enjoys using her car to crush those things. Today she used her car to crush and destroy a toolbox.

Lady B had not opened a bag in her garage for a long time. When she finally did it, she found a camera inside. She did not know what to do with it as she had newer and better equipment. She chose to crush it and since she had a fetish for crushing things with her car, she took the bag outside and she crushed it with her car and destroyed it.

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